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Hello, I would like to introduce myself:
I am Mario Sapper (CEO of Taxi Sapper), 47 years old, married to my wife Erna and we have 5 children together.
In 1999 I founded this taxi company. I am the successor of Traudel Bösch (called Mama Bush) and in April 2017 I took over her company, since she has gone into her well-earned retirement.

The rates that Mama Bush has had, remain the same until the end of the year. As of 2018, there are slight increases as we have to deduct VAT in Switzerland.

Please place your orders up to 1 day before.

You can order as follows:
Phone: +43 664 341 7172
or +43 664 5000 308
You can send WhatsApp messages to both of these numbers.
E-Mail: mario_sapper@hotmail.com

Or place your order through our form

Please state the following when ordering:

If several people wait at the gate, please call me immediately.

Mario Sapper

Prices for one way

Zurich Airport – Lustenau & back
1-5 persons € 150,- per vehicle
From 6 persons € 30,- per person

Lustenau – railway station zurich: € 180,-

Lustenau – Airport Memmingen + back: € 140,-

Zurich airport – Dornbirn & back
1-5 persons € 175,- per vehicle
From 6 persons € 35,- per person

Lustenau – St. Margrethen & back € 20,-

Lustenau – St. Gallen & back € 50,-

Tarifs apply until canceled

Fill out my online form.

Es werden personenbezogene Daten ermittelt und für die in der Datenschutzerklärung beschriebenen Zwecke verwendet.